BAM Platform has interviewed the Directors of the TOP Best Architecture Master’s in the World according to BAM Ranking 2018 and 2019. We aimed to motivate architects and architecture students through the words of some of the most relevant professionals of the world academy. At the same time, our purpose is to let our readers know further details about the most relevant postgraduate programs directly from the source. 


Here you will find the BAM interview to Postgraduate’s Directors of some of the best architecture master´s program in the world. 

Director of the Master of Architecture MARQ

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Santiago, Chile.

«Architecture is a lens through which to see, understand and intervene reality. Buildings shaped our environment across civilizations and time, thus education on the built environment should start as early as possible. Ideally as part of the curricula of secondary school. If we aim to imagine other – better – futures, it is not only important to teach about our current environmental circumstances but to understand them as part of the history and culture of the discipline.»

Director of the Master of Science Degree in Advanced Architectural Design

Columbia University. Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation. New York, USA


«Architecture is now at the center of all the challenges and opportunities that are shaping the present and the future of the world – from climate and environmental defiance, to the way we bring guaranties to the expansion of daily life into digital domains. Architecture is now a momentous platform from which we can impact reality.»


Director of the Architectural Design MArch (B-Pro)

The Bartlett School of Architecture. University College of London. The UK


«Architecture is crucial for the world, we need to house almost two billion people in the next decades, battle climate change and an emerging housing crisis. Without well-educated and critical architects this will become a battle for engineers and planners – which would result in a world that is perhaps functional but also devoid of culture»

Director of the English Program for Master in Architecture

Tsinghua University,  School of Architecture. Beijing, China


“Architecture is not just a career, it is a lifestyle per se, it is probably the most diversified and rich subject among others. It takes years, even a lifetime for an architect to understand and discover the true meaning of architecture. Be prepared to engage yourself with a life of discovery”


José María de Lapuerta

Director of The Master of Advanced Studies in Collective Housing. 

Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain


«In the near future, architecture education will follow the same path that some of us started out on some years ago: practical teaching with international students and faculty that encourages future alliances between very distant countries, combined with the higher technical level without regional or artisanal justification: an architect who has expanded their skills to coordinate professional teams with experts in transport, energy, and sociology, among others»


Salomon Frausto

Director of The Berlage Post-master in Architecture and Urban Design

Delft University of Technology. Delft, The Netherlands


1.- In your opinion, why is Architecture Education so important?


2.- How do you see Architecture Academy in the future? What would you like to be different?


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