Magíster en Arquitectura MARQ

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Santiago de Chile, Chile.

BAM nº



Santiago de Chile, Chile


18 months


10.500 €



Created in 1991, the MA in Architecture (MARQ) prepares its students for a critical professional practice that brings together depth in conceptual development and excellence in architectural design. Its teaching team includes professors of the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urban Studies of recognized trajectory and invited professors of internaitonal level, who put in

discussion topics of design, technology, history, theory and representaiton. 


The MARQ places its debate in the contemporary context, understanding the project as a field of research and speculaiton that must face the knowledge of the discipline with the problems of the city and the built environment. To this end, a criitcal evaluaiton of historical, theoreitcal and cultural precedents is combined with the development of new methods and project instruments, fostering cross‐cuitng between theory and practice that expand the disciplinary scope.

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