MArch Housing and Urbanism

The Architectural Association AA. London, United Kingdom



United Kingdom


16 months


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Housing and Urbanism enables students from architecture and related disciplines to understand and address the complexities of urban transformation to become stronger professionals, scholars, and critics. While design learning and investigation form the core of our programme, a complementary aim of this work is to deepen students’ grasp of the politics and practicalities shaping change in today’s cities. We work across scales – from detailed plans of contemporary housing to the mobility infrastructure of the regional metropolis – and our primary interest is in projects that further the positive transformation of urban areas. A capacity for critical synthesis drives all our work and enables students to understand their project as the coalescence of a range of urban forces, trends and ideas.


This course comprises four study areas: Complex Living, which focuses on emerging trends in housing and urban lifestyles; Workspace Urbanity, which promotes intensive integration of work environments into the contemporary city; Mobility and Integration, which explores the projects that best unlock the potential of new mobility infrastructure; and Augmented Informality, which works with the dynamism of informal settlements to find new solutions for urban enhancement.


While London forms our primary research laboratory we also undertake an annual European study trip to investigate cutting-edge projects elsewhere, such as Berlin, Paris, Copenhagen and Vienna. In addition, every year, H&U collaborates with a host city and university in a sponsored workshop addressing a specific live challenge under conditions of rapid change. Our previous partner cities have included Bogotá, Recife, Taipei, Hanoi, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro, and Mexico City.

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