Master of Advanced Studies in Housing (MAS ETH in Housing)

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH of Zurich. Zurich, Switzerland






1 year

12 months


10.500 CHF

9.500 EUR



Since 1992/93, ETH Wohnforum – ETH CASE has been offering postgraduate studies in architecture at the Department of Architecture. The MAS ETH in Housing was introduced in 2004/05. In 2016, the programme was updated under the new management of Prof. Christian Schmid (director), Prof. Hubert Klumpner (deputy director) und Dr. Jennifer Duyne Barenstein (executive director). It has set itself the goal of contributing to finding solutions to the challenges of housing construction in Switzerland, Europe and low and middle-income countries worldwide through multidisciplinary training and research at a high level. The MAS focuses on the assessment of housing challenges and on the sustainability, effectiveness and sustainability of a wide range of housing and neighbourhood development strategies pursued by municipalities, cooperatives, local governments, non-governmental and governmental authorities and international organisations in different countries and contexts.


The MAS ETH in Housing accepts 10-12 qualified candidates each year. It is primarily, but not exclusively, aimed at professionals with a background in architecture, urban planning or town planning, but is also open to applicants from other disciplines with an interest in housing.



The Master of Advanced Studies in Housing (MAS ETH HS) trains architects to understand housing challenges and strategies within their broader socio-economic, cultural, political, and urban context. The program is committed to breaking new grounds beyond established geographic boundaries in order to systematically investigate housing issues in Switzerland, Europe and in the Global South. Through an interdisciplinary approach, and with an emphasis on participatory research and planning methods, the MAS ETH in Housing prepares architects and professionals of related fields to work in complex and multicultural environments that put people, their needs, preferences, and wellbeing at the centre. The program equips professionals of the built environment with the theories, concepts and methods required to assess the viability, effectiveness, and sustainability of different housing and neighbourhood development strategies. The ETH MAS HS trains professionals to work with a wide range of actors, from individuals, communities, cooperatives, local governments, non-governmental and governmental agencies across different countries and rapidly transforming contexts.


There are immense challenges to ensure affordable housing in an increasingly complex and urbanized world: globally one billion new residents will need adequate housing by 2025; around one quarter of the world’s urban population continue to live in slums and an increasing number of people live in conditions that are environmentally and socially precarious. Access to adequate and affordable housing is a challenge not only for many people in low-income countries, but also increasingly in middle- and high-income countries that face the dual challenge of rapid migration and an ageing population. Finding solutions to these challenges requires highly motivated and skilled professionals acquainted with the process of developing housing solutions and neighbourhoods that are liveable, affordable, sustainable, and contextually appropriate.


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