Master Architecture and Urban Design

Politecnico di Milano. Milan, Italy

BAM nº






24 months





The Study Programme aims to train the professional figure of architect, able to critically combine the contributions of the Italian design, theoretical, humanistic and artistic tradition with changes and contamination of cultures of home living, the shapes and spaces of the contemporary city, the settlement phenomena of emerging countries, constructive innovation and environmental sustainability.

The training must adequately answer to the growing complexity of problems and new professional responsibilities required by the European and international sector.

The graduate student is required to set up and manage projects in order to realize them through the specific tools of architecture and urban design, with a good knowledge of feasibility of the work designed, and coordinating other specialists and operators in the fields of architecture, engineering, urban planning and restoration.

In line with European Union directives, the programme promotes a cultured and conscious architect profile, able to combine knowledge with knowing how to do, and therefore able to provide project design synthesis at different levels through the help of a wide range of knowledge and skills.

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