Master in Architectural Design

Universidade de Sao Paolo. Sao Paolo, Brazil

BAM nº



São Paulo,



24 months





The subject is constituted as an instrument of theoretical-practical reflection on the various scales that involve the architectural intervention, from the building to its unfolding in the urban space, recognizing the design as a peculiar form of knowledge production that mobilizes codes and representations in a specific way.


Research Lines

Design: Production and Research 1. deals with the constituent elements of the design and the fundamentals that make it viable. It understands by elements the technical instruments that are used in the conception; the stages and production processes and the representation systems. The fundamentals refer to the theoretical-practical concepts that guide decisions.


Architecture and the City 2. deals with the relationship between building, city and its intermediate scales. It considers therefore that architecture manifests itself in the historical process of the constitution of the urban space, being inseparable from it as an instrument to shelter the activities of man. Their fields of interest as research range, on a growing scale, from the transition areas between buildings and the city to urban interventions.


Design: Theory and Method 3. propose the investigation of the theories and methodologies that underpin the architectural design, whether in its prospective dimension as informant of the production processes,

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