Master of Architecture

The University of Sydney. Sydney, Australia

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24 months




Overseas: 50.300 €



The Master of Architecture provides a dynamic studio-based learning environment that produces graduates who are forward thinking, collaborative and at the forefront of the changing architectural profession. You will be challenged to expand your conceptual and creative skills while being grounded in the requirements essential for professional registration and practice after graduation.


This degree operates around a series of studios that require students to engage at a graduate level with projects that emphasize research, design and vision. Student work is defined by the rigours of industry practice and surveys the social, environmental, practical and aesthetic needs of the brief while working within the wider context of architectural theory and philosophy. You will develop expertise across design, technology and theory that will form the basis of your approach and response to architectural projects and practice. There is one studio per semester as follows:


Urban Architecture 

Sustainable Architecture 

Digital Architecture

Graduation Studio

The first three studios lead to the Graduation Studio in the final semester of study that is based around a largely self-driven project. Students also undertake subjects that explore the historical, technological and theoretical aspects of architecture and investigate the critical issues facing contemporary architectural design.


The Master of Architecture is a 2-year full-time program (part-time option available on request), consisting of 96 credit points. It is taught by some of the world leaders in architecture education and on graduation, you will join distinguished alumni who have gone on to become major figures in the architecture world both in Australia and internationally. You will have a dedicated Master of Architecture studio space that you may access 24 hours a day. Students also have access to 24-hour computer labs, the latest digital fabrication equipment, wood and metal workshops as well as a number of design studios. There are also opportunities for international exchange in the first three semesters of the program with a number of prestigious institutions worldwide. 


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