Master of Sciences in Architecture

Berkeley University of California. California, USA

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The Master of Science (M.S.) in Architecture is an academic, nonprofessional degree program that offers the opportunity for advanced research in the ever-broadening and increasingly complex subfields within architecture. Some students enter with a degree in architecture, or occasionally while here will get an additional Master of Architecture degree (the professional degree accredited for the practice of architecture). But neither is required, and the undergraduate degrees of our entering M.S. students are diverse.


The M.S. degree emphasizes course work and supervised independent research in one the following areas of study:


Building Science, 

Technology and Sustainability

Theory and Society


Research topics outside of these fields or combinations of several areas may be proposed at the time of admission, or developed while in the program, if supported by qualified departmental faculty members, and subject to approval of the architecture M.S./Ph.D. committee. Course work is individually developed through consultation with an academic adviser

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