Master's Programme in International Design Business Management

Alvar Aalto University. School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Helsinki, Finland. 





24 months


15.000 Euros



Study objectives
IDBM educates students with arts, business, science and engineering backgrounds as T-shaped professionals providing them with a strategic view into creative leadership and management of international design-centric businesses, operations, and product and service development. The objective is to gain knowledge in multiple disciplines and to learn to connect one’s own disciplinary expertise to a wider transdiciplinary design business framework.


The global approach of the IDBM programme prepares students to work in multi-cultural settings and collaborate across national and cultural boundaries. Graduates of the IDBM programme will be able to manage and lead initiatives and other individuals in order to undertake new business ventures within global environments.


The objectives of the programme are to enable students to:


discover and make full use of your own potential in interdisciplinary teams

acquire knowledge about current and future trends shaping organisations and societies

expand your competences achieved at the bachelor’s level by bringing in design and technical perspectives to better recognize and understand how to create value for end-users

develop important interpersonal and communication skills through collaborative industry projects

gain insights to how design can be managed, as well as how its impact can be evaluated and analysed

learn from industry leaders how to create new ideas and execute them with design-driven strategies and processes

improve on vital project management skills to make you a more effective team player

Career opportunities

Studies in International Design Business Management prepare for a career in industries that use and manage design as a key component of their competitive strategy. This can involve large multinational corporations, as well as small start-ups operating in a variety of fields. These businesses typically leverage design to create new products and services, often involving the latest technology and business venturing and entrepreneurship.


After graduation, our students embarking on a career in the private or public sector typically work in domains such as:


service design
business design
design and technology strategy
product and project management
development of product and service offering
academic or design research
innovation management, marketing
creative direction, export management
trend analysis and forecasting

Content of the studies

The learning outcomes are achieved through compulsory and elective studies. The compulsory IDBM core studies are linked to an extensive joint industry project and related teamwork. The business, design and technology components of the programme ensure that the students gain the necessary business, design and technology perspectives. Parallel to these the IDBM industry project deepens participants’ understanding of the real-life processes of the participating firms in global design intensive businesses. Skills in project management and business planning are developed through the projects.


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