Master of Architecture

Tongji University. Shanghai, China

BAM 2018






32 months



25.500 €



The discipline of Architecture focuses not only on the research of building and its environment, but also on the combination of architectural design aesthetics and technology. It is a discipline to summarize the experience of human architectural activities, to research on the methodology and to create suitable space for living with aesthetic physical form. It is a comprehensive discipline that integrates sociology, technology and art. The discipline of Architecture has a close connection with the natural science like Mechanics, Optics, and Acoustics, the building technology like Hydraulic, Thermal and Electrical, the humanities like Aesthetics, Sociology, Psychology, History, Economics and Law. Architecture, together with Urban Planning and Landscape, constitute the integrated living environmental science.


The Architecture discipline in College of Architecture & Urban Planning (CAUP) Tongji University was authorized to grant master degree in 1981. It is a national key discipline and within the National 211 and 985 Key Project Programs. The Architecture Discipline has built its outstanding academic standing and extensive influence worldwide with its great achievements in research, education, practice, and international cooperation. The research, education and practice achievements have been widely awarded and published. In recent years, it has been consistently expanding and intensifying international collaboration in education and research; and building the leading double-degree program in China, with the collaboration with various world-renowned universities, including German universities like TU Berlin, Bauhaus University, Ruhr-University Bochum; Italian universities like Politenico de Miliano and Pavia University; TU Wien of Austria; ETH Zurich of Switzerland; Chalmers University of Technology of Sweden; and Georgia Tech, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Princeton University, Harvard and MIT of USA. 


Candidates shall have the right values and social responsibility, Law-abiding, honest and justice, physically and mentally healthy, has a good work, have a spirit of cooperation and dedication. Candidates are expected to gain in-depth and extensive knowledge in their field of study, develop a strong ability to deal with practical matters, be able to take on technical design or relevant management work, can doing the research work independently, proficiency in computer and a foreign language, become highly competent professionals with global views. Candidates need to have the six characteristics listed below:


1. With good academic literacy and ethics: law-abiding, establish a good work ethic and professionalism, have scientific rigor and pragmatic attitude of learning and work.

2. Having the ability to obtaining knowledge: strong knowledge of basic architectural theory, systematically mastering and understanding the status quo and development trends of international and national architectural design field, has a certain cross-disciplinary knowledge.

3. Having scientific research ability: not only have the ability of learning, analyzing and criticizing the research of predecessors, but also have a strong modern architectural theory and methodology background, and with field research and comprehensive analysis ability.

4. Having practical ability: have strong abilities in engineering practices, obtain good academic and innovative capabilities, be able to undertake work in architectural design, construction, management and research, and be able to solve problems in an integrated manner.

5. Having academic communication ability: be good at presenting the academic thoughts, explaining research and technological methodology, showing his/her academic achievement, proficiency in a foreign language, with a global view and having the ability to using the foreign language to develop the research and academic communication.

6. Having the ability to apply theory into practice: be good at using his/her knowledge and technique to solve the practical social economic and technique problem that related to Architecture.


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** Part of the information that the BAM Ranking used to evaluate this program was extracted from the Official Website of the Program.