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Architecture MA

Royal College of Art
School of Architecture
United Kingdom
Architecture & Design

Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) part II and Architects Registration Board (ARB) validated since 1983.

– Previous RIBA validation: 2019
– Previous ARB validation: 2016
The two-year programme conceives of architecture as a diverse and complex set of practices that move beyond traditional distinctions and limits in the field. A radical and innovative approach to pedagogy and research, as well as a commitment to an open-minded, experimental studio-culture, sets the RCA apart.


Teaching on the MA programme revolves around the Architectural Design Studio. Each ADS is understood as a platform for design research organised around important global challenges and opportunities such as ecology, housing, urbanism, mobility and manufacturing.

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Admission Requirements

Candidates are selected entirely on merit and applications are welcomed from all over the world. The selection process will consider creativity, imagination and innovation as demonstrated in your portfolio, as well as your potential to benefit from the programme and to achieve high MA standards overall.


You should have achieved a high quality first degree in architecture (RIBA Part I) or an international equivalent degree or higher, and should have at least one year’s work experience in a design office. If you wish to gain exemption from RIBA Part II, you must have completed your RIBA Part I satisfactorily.




Your portfolio is a showcase of your work as an artist or designer and can be made up of images, videos or writing examples. Your portfolio helps us to better understand your application and allows you to show evidence of your ability and motivation to undertake a given programme.


Generally, we’re looking for you to demonstrate your:

– Creativity, imagination and innovation
– Ability to articulate the intentions of the work
– Intellectual engagement in areas relevant to the work
– Technical skills appropriate to the work
– Potential to benefit from the programme


The MA Architecture programme prioritises innovation and experimentation and we are looking for students with a strong sense of curiosity, independence and agenda who want to be challenged. The majority of our students come from undergraduate studies in architecture but this is not essential and we enjoy a diverse community of students. We also strongly encourage a minimum of one year’s work experience (in a related field) before entering into masters studies.


We would like you to submit a ONE SINGLE COMPILED PDF PORTFOLIO with no more than 5 projects of maximum 10 pages per project – this should be a carefully considered document. Video/media files can be embedded or uploaded separately.


The portfolio can be evidenced through any media from drawings, images and models to film and writing, but the work must be succinct, dense and well curated and clearly articulate your interest in and intentions for the MA Architecture programme. Remember we will be viewing the document on screen so consider your layout to suit this.


In curating your portfolio it is important to prioritise student and independently led work, professional work is only of interest if it was an exceptional experience. All projects should be accompanied by a concise written description and images and content carefully selected to both communicate a coherent project trajectory and also demonstrate skills and aptitude.


Your portfolio should communicate who you are and your potential. It is important to choose the best projects that truly represent your interests, that unpack issues that are important to you or that you may wish to pursue in your masters education. Work should be well presented both visually but also in depth of content and communication. Fundamental to any work included in the portfolio should be: research, rigour, invention and visually and materially rich design exploration and representation.


Impress us!

If you are not a national of a majority English-speaking country you will need the equivalent of an IELTS Academic score of 6.5 with a 6.0 in the Test of Written English (TWE). Students achieving a grade of at least 6.0, with a grade of 5.5 in the Test of Written English, may be eligible to take the College’s English for Academic Purposes course to enable them to reach the required standard.


You are exempt from this requirement if you have received a 2.1 degree or above from a university in a majority English-speaking nation within the last two years.


If you need a Student Visa to study at the RCA, you will also need to meet the Home Office’s minimum requirements for entry clearance.

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General information
2 years full time
Beth Hughes
Home: £9,750 per year / Channel Islands and Isle of Man: £14,500 per year / Overseas and EU: £29,000 per year
+44 (0)20 7590 4281
Kensington Gore, South Kensington, London SW7 2EU, UK
Campus Location
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