BAM is an educational architecture platform founded in 2018 thanks to the generosity of collaborators and universities from the five continents. The mission of the BAM is to inform students and architects around the world about the profession from an academic perspective.


We believe in the veracity of information and the collaborative capacity of today’s world. That is why the BAM has developed different sections that allow our readers to access accurate information related to the architecture academy obtained thanks to the active collaboration of teachers, students, staff and official websites of the architecture schools in the world.


Our work tries to show a world to which few have access. The academy has historically been somewhat hermetic. Usually, you know what happens in a school because you studied there, or because you have someone close to you who keeps you up to date. This is a reality that we would like to help change.


While the largest amount of content on the internet related to architecture focuses on what is built and projected, we promote seeing architecture in a more introspective way. One of our premises is that we will only really understand architecture if we are able to analyze it from its source: the University.


This university-driven approach has led us to develop sections on our website that show the academic world of architecture and everything we can learn from it without necessarily being part of the school.

Our editorial calendar is divided into the following sections:


** BAM Ranking: We developed the very first international ranking of Architecture Master’s programs. A methodology was created by our Expert’s committee, and the programs are compared following universal indicators for educational evaluation.


** Masters Searcher: Here you can find detailed information about the most exciting Master’s Degree programs from the most relevant Universities around the world. They can be found by region or specialized topic.


** PhDs Searcher: Here you can find detailed information about the most exciting PhD programs from the relevant Universities around the world. They can be found by region or specialized topic.


** Academic Interviews: Aimed to motivate architects and architecture students through the words of some of the most relevant professionals of the world academy. The directors of the programs evaluated in the BAM Ranking are invited to participate in our interviews.


** Events: Academic and architecture events around the world. That includes lectures, conferences, biennials, exhibitions, among others.


** News: We publish the most relevant news about architecture to let our readers know what’s going on.


** Architecture Schools: Start searching for universities of architecture can be hard. That’s why we created a list of the most important Schools of Architecture by region.


** Scholarships for Architects: We want our readers to follow their academic dreams and we listed some of the most important scholarships and bursaries for graduate and postgraduate education in different countries and universities around the world.


** Articles: We share some thoughts about architecture studies to all our readers. All the articles are written by the BAM team.


All sections of the BAM Platform are constantly updated.


Our collaborators are all over the world: students, alumni, professors, school directors, architecture schools, among others. We owe it to them, and we want to thank them for their generosity.


If you have any questions regarding the BAM or our content, feel free to contact us from our Contact section, or send us an email to info@bestarchitecturemasters.com

Other Sections

Find the Best Architecture Master’s Degree of Architecture from the most prestigious Universities worldwide

Here you will find exclusive interviews with Directors and Coordinators of some of the best architecture master´s program of architecture in the world.

Here you can find some of the most relevant Events related to the architecture academy around the world