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Our advertising plans are aimed to increase the visibility and international impact of academic programs related to architecture.


The strategy is specifically designed for Universities, Schools of Architecture and Private Architecture programs. It consists of display banners placed on the most visited sections of our website, as well as in our weekly newsletter, and they would have a direct link to the program’s website. The service includes a final report of the results obtained.


This new service is aligned with our prestigious BAM Ranking of Architecture Master, among our other successful sections, with more than 60.000 segmented visitors per month. 



More Impact

There are some architecture magazines with a good number of visitors, but most of them are not interested in pursuing their studies. Our audience is formed exclusively by graduated architects, architecture students, and professors of architecture from around the world.


The visibility of the promoted schools and programs will be increased by our platform for more than 60.000 segmented visitors each month. 

Less Investment

.We offer an affordable service for Universities and Institutions related to Architecture. For a single payment, your program would have direct visits from our international and segmented audience. There are different plans, which have a duration of 1 to 6 months, depending on the needs of the school and strategy.


Our plan’s fees are highly competitive in relation to other platforms that offer similar services. Contact us to know the prices and plans. 


– Dimensions: (a)900×90 Pix., (b) 336X280 Pix., (c) 336×448 Pix., (d) 600×150 Pix.

– Size: 200 Kb max.
– File format: JPG, PNG, GIF
– Design: Free. Pictures, Movement, and University’s Logo are recommended. 

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We will check your information and will send our media kit with details and pricing.

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