Maestría en Arquitectura

Universidad de Los Andes. Bogota, Colombia

BAM nº






24 months


13.000 €



Our Master program focus in this key actions:

To integrate fields of knowledge that intervene in the constructed environment.
To focus in an Interdisciplinary approach. Establish links with Faculties and Departments of the University through participation in elective courses, the election of thesis co-addresses and the link to research.

And to expose our students to an international knowledge. Participate in academic exchanges and research networks: invited professors, international intensive workshops, agreements and exchanges or study trips.


Research is key in the academic world, and increasingly takes relevance in the professional world. This master forms researchers who open new paths to advanced knowledge of architecture by assuming a holistic understanding of the discipline, from a critical and interdisciplinary perspective, for the benefit of society

BAM Evaluation

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