Master in Collective Housing

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid – Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid. Madrid, Spain

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH of Zurich. Zurich, Switzerland



BAM nº






9 months


17.900 €



The Master of Architecture in Collective Housing, MCH, is a postgraduate full-time international professional program of advanced architecture design in cities and housing presented by Universidad Politécnica of Madrid (UPM) and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH). After ten editions, it is rated as one of the best architecture master’s programs by architects and experts.


MCH is the first UPM-ETH official postgraduate program. It takes place mainly in Madrid.


MCH has always committed to the highest level of excellence combining teachers of international prestige and a thorough participant selection process in order to make the best out of this course.


From 2017 on, every year’s program is co-designed with UPM-ETH professors: an unique, excellent and comprehensive course of further education on the subject of Housing. For ETH, it offers an unique opportunity for cooperation, in that there is no need to invent and build up a similar course at ETH itself. It is an opportunity for mutual exchange and for the expansion of these Universities’ respective networks within the Latin and German/Anglo-Saxon cultural environments.


The program consists of 600 hours (60 ETCS). Each credit is associated to 25 personal studying-working hours.


Participants will develop their design skills through an intensive series of one-week workshops and complete their theoretical knowledge in specialty seminars.  Sometimes additional supporting documents or written information about the lectures will be provided to all students.


The Master of advanced studies in Collective Housing is keen on teamwork because it is the way offices and research labs function today.


In the past years, MCH has built a close relationship with great architects such as Dietmar Eberle, Felix Claus, Anne Lacaton, Frits van Dongen, Anna Heringer, Hrvoje Njiriç, Juan Herreros, Dick van Gameren, Riken Yamamoto, Cino Zucchi, Jacob van Rijs, Alejandro Aravena, Andrea Deplazes, Max Risselada or Wiel Arets, who are regular workshop leaders. It is the interaction between teachers and participants that generates the greatest results and production each year.

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