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By BAM Team

As we mentioned in our previous article 5 benefits that the internet brought to architecture, architects have a lot of things to thank the internet; among them are the opportunity to give a lot more visibility to their projects and the ease of obtaining all sorts of information in a matter of seconds.


So the internet has become an essential tool for everyone. It gives us the power of being informed and updated on any topic we wish, at the reach of our hand; through websites, we have access to huge amounts of knowledge instantly.


Currently, there are lots of websites with architectural content, from blogs to magazines and newspapers; you can find some that compile events or news, others that specialized in specific audiences, topics, areas, countries. Here we want to share with you a list of the most visited:

With 9.89M visits in the last 6 months, Archdaily is one of the most popular websites in the profession. It broadcasts architecture worldwide, offering news, competitions, and projects which are updated every hour.


Archdaily was among the platforms that diffused BAM’s last year ranking. Here you can find the article.

This is a lifestyle and interior design community that shares lessons, DIY how-tos, decoration advice, and shopping guides. Everything anyone would need to make a home cozier and prettier. Apartment Therapy has received 8.31M visits in the last semester.

Architectural Digest is the self-called international design authority. They’re known for presenting the work of top architects and designers. This website has had 5.24M visits since December 2020.

Dezeen is a very important magazine where you can find architecture, interiors, and design information (news, events, competitions, awards, etc.) from all over the world. It had 4.44M visits in the last 6 months.

Curbed is now part of New York Magazine and it focuses on architecture, design, and real state. From great rent deals to designs that are on everybody’s conversation topics, passing through detailed information about neighborhoods and housing issues in NY, Curbed is a very interesting proposal, which for the last 6 months has had 3.11M visits.

Established 22 years ago, Design Boom is a popular architecture and design culture magazine that delivers daily news to its audience, receiving in the past semester a total of 2.54M visits.

Dwell is the perfect place to go when looking for inspiration to design a home. It is a community of professionals and design lovers who share a lot of great ideas to design wonderful spaces. Dwell had 2.29M visits since December 2020.

Plataforma Arquitectura is Archdaily’s platform for Chile and Hispanic America. It broadcasts architecture worldwide, offering news, competitions, and projects. It operates through a collaborative virtual work platform hosted in the cloud and had 2.13M visits in the last 6 months.


Along with Archdaily, Plataforma Arquitectura also broadcasted BAM’s last year ranking for the spanish-speaking community. Here you can find the article.

Architonic is a website with an international-based team of architects, designers, IT experts, and marketing professionals, that works as a search engine where you can look for hundreds of thousands of products related to architecture and design. In the last semester, it had 1.23M visits.

Established 24 years ago, Archinect’s mission is to connect the architecture community and sure it does with its editorial/news, employment, academia, and community sections where architects may find updated and interesting information.

Archinect received 1.06M visits in the last 6 months and was also one of the platforms that broadcasted the 2020 BAM’s Ranking. Here you can read the article.

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