Types of PhDs in Architecture?


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Types of PhD Programs in Architecture

There are many types of PhD programs related to architecture in the world. Some of them are really specific in the research theme, and others are more open to innovative and theoretical themes. In order to make it easy for you to find your program in our PhDs searcher, we developed a system of categorization that will be described below.


In addition, we take the opportunity to explain a bit about the different PhD Theses you may develop.

How many types of PhDs in architecture are there?

There are architecture theses in the traditional sense of the architect’s profession as design projects, and there is a group of theses that covers a rather poetic theme or theoretical topics on architectural issues in the order of the immaterial. This last group is difficult to relate to a traditional career as an architect, that is, it would be limited to the publication of research and some advantages of being part of the university/academic field.

The more technical theses, let’s say construction, structures, materials, or those that address competencies that have not always been the property of the architect could have a greater application in the professional impulse. We are talking about topics such as urban mobility, manufacturing typologies, territorial economy, or whatever you decide.

The BAM categorization by topic:

Although, we know that every University has its rules and ways to define its programs, we decided to create a system to categorize PhD programs depending on their main focus and objectives. That’s how we summarized the types of PhD in 9 different topics listed below:


– Architecture & Design.
– Urban Studies & City Planning. 
– History, Theory & Critic.
– Sustainability, Construction & Technology.
– Landscape & Environment. 
– Housing & Habitat. 
– Preservation & Heritage. 
– Computation & Digital Studies. 
– Governance & Management.


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BAM PhDs Searcher

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