What a PhD or doctorate program is?


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It is possible that you have thought about continue your academic studies in architecture and impulse your career to the next level. If so, taking a PhD in architecture is probably the right way to take. But first, it is essential for you to know exactly what a PhD or doctorate program is.

What's a PhD?

Before you start your search for an advanced education program in architecture such a PhD, you should know exactly what does it means to be a Doctor. The BAM team wrote an easy and useful definition about it.


The word PhD is used to simplify the complete title “Philosophy Doctor” and it is a postgraduate doctoral degree that represents the highest level of qualification in the academic world available for a person. You can also find it as Ph.D. , DPhil or Dr.Philos, Doctorate, among others. 


A PhD is basically a long-term research program. You are asked to deeply research about the theme you have summited at the beginning of the program to finally develop a written and theoretical project that will be supervised by a tutor and evaluated by a highly qualified jury. 


Being a Doctor

The title of “Doctor” is given to the candidate who has summited an extensive and complete Doctoral Research Thesis on a specific and original theme. This thesis is developed from the very beginning of the doctoral program, and it is common for Universities to ask for a title and research theme even before your admission to the program. That means that you need to work seriously on your application and materials to apply for most PhD programs in Architecture.  


In most countries, achieving a PhD gives you the complete academic knowledge to be able to teach in the University in the specific field of your research. That’s why, if you want to be a professor and get involved with the academic world, you should really consider taking a PhD program in your country or abroad. 


The BAM PhDs searcher

So, are you ready to apply for a PhD program? If so, you can go to our BAM PhDs searcher and we will help you find the program that suits your needs and research interests. It has detailed information about the most challenging doctorate programs related to architecture around the world. 


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