Daniel Koch

KTH Institute of Technology

School of Architecture and the Built Environment

Stockholm, Sweden

Daniel Koch is a Docent in Architecture and researcher in Urban Design at KTH School of Architecture. His research by and large focuses on configurations of spaces and how this performatively situates people and thus produces social situations and relations, where the embededdness of the local in wider social, cultural and political structures is key. For this investigation, the understanding of the situatedness of action needs to extend between a particular location to incorporate wider spatial and architectural contexts, examining borders, boundaries, configurations, spaces-within-spaces, disjunctions and heterogeneity, et cetera. Central to this investigation has been the production of public culture, subjectivity and the training of aesthetics, as well as how diagrammatic representations of such relations work to drive research and design forward.

Current research projects include leading the research projects Equal living environments: urban design for reduced segregation and increased accessibility (Vinnova, with Uppsala, Funktionsrätt Uppsala län and HSO Uppsala Kommun) and participating as researcher in Structures and Systems in morphology and use (KTH: Trenop), Sensable Stockholm Lab: Urban Segregation (a project within Sensable Stockholm Lab with Stockholm City and MIT) GIS and Spatial Analysis (Stokholm Stad), and Architecture and Urbanism, addressing the social space in the 21st century (FAPESP; with FAUUSP, UMA, TU Delft, PC3, Harvard, Universidad Politecnica Madrid).

Daniel is Vice Program Director of the interdisciplinary Master’s Programme in Sustainable Urban Planning and Design, where he curates the design studios and leads the studio course Textures. In addition, Daniel is editor of the Journal of Space Syntax, and co-editor of the Nordic Journal of Architectural Research. Daniel also works on a small-time basis as a practicing architect at the small firm Patchwork Architecture Laboratory, which he co-funded in 2007.


Other earlier academic work
In 2018-2019 Daniel worked as a researcher in Building design at the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering at Chalmers Institute of Technology. Daniel was vice Director of the National Research Environment SRE Architecture in the Making, involving all four schools of architecture in Sweden and many other actors, until 2017. Until 2016 Daniel was Programme Director of the Doctoral education in Architecture at KTH, where he also co-ran courses in Philosophies in Architecture (with Hélène Frichot) and Urban Design (with Lars Marcus). Between 2007 and 2013 he taught at the Stockholm Centre for Fashion Studies at Stockholm University, and between 2007 and 2012 he taught in the Building Management programme at KTH Syd (The planning and building process), now part of KTH ABE.

Daniel Koch is part of the Experts Committee of the BAM’s Annual Ranking of International Master’s in Architecture. We invite you to learn more about his professional by visiting the following links. 

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