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English Program for Master in Architecture in Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University
School of Architecture
BAM Ranking 2023
Architecture & Design



In 2008, the School of Architecture began offering the English Program for Master in Architecture, the first M. Arch. taught in English in China. In the International Assessment on the Academic Program of Architecture in 2010, the school was evaluated as having “High Standing in the World”.


This internatinoal program at Tsinghua combines a critical, academic atmosphere with real-world issues. Based on a theory of reflexive regionalism, the program follows the school’s tradition of integrating a critical understanding of regional conditions with a global, multidisciplinary network environment.




In the past years we have welcomed students from all five continents, with undergraduate degrees from various renowned schools, such as National University of Singapore, TU Delft, Rhode Island School of Design, TU Munich, University of Melbourne, etc. Our students have been successful in finding employment upon graduation, either in China or abroad, in both the profession or as academics, teachers or phd students.


Our students have been awarded various prizes for their studies in our program, including first prize in the AIM international architecture competition 2012, an award for a joint hutong-research exhibition during Beijing Design Week 2013, and for a thesis-research on high-density social housing, which was also part of the Venice Biennale 2014.




Are program is intentionality small scale, around 10-12 students per year, to create a high quality, person based learning environment. The EPMA track leads to a worldwide accredited MArch degree (including the US, Canada, Common Wealth, China, Mexico, etc) under the 2008 Canberra Accord.


The most important aspect we want to teach our students is to be critical, and think reflective. Students have the option to elect studio topics, often concerning actual projects and design challenges.


Program Introduction


Are program is intentionality small scale, around 10-12 students per year, to create a high quality, person based learning environment. The EPMA track leads to a worldwide accredited MArch degree (including the US, Canada, Common Wealth, China, Mexico, etc) under the 2008 Canberra Accord.


The most important aspect we want to teach our students is to be critical, and think reflective. Students have the option to elect studio topics, often concerning actual projects and design challenges.


In principal the program covers 3 semesters, corresponding to 1,5 years. However, depending on the individual background of the admitted students and the performance of the student in the first year, students have the possibility, and/or the school would advice, to extend for 1 semester, without any additional tuition payments.


Students can also decide to add a 6 months internship in between semester 2 and 3, herewith also extending the program to 2 years.




The curriculum is based on a combination of mandatory intensive, 8-week design studios, and supportive theory courses. Together they provide a comprehensive base for architecture as an integrated discipline that can critically address architecture within contemporary topics of urbanization in China and abroad.


The thesis year then provides the possibility to address a personal fascination within this framework.


In addition to the listed courses below, students are also able to choose any other available graduate level course at Tsinghua University to complement their personal learning objectives, free of charge. We encourage cross-disciplinary exchange to other top-level departments, such as the School of Environment or the School of Management. Courses in English and/or Chinese can be chosen, and this also goes for additional courses within the department of Architecture, including the schools of Landscape, Urban Design and Building Science.


1st Semester (Fall)

-3 credits in Design Studio 1 Topic: Building Design and Design Methodology
-3 credits in Design Studio 2 Topic: Site Architectural Design and Site Development
-2 credits in Design Theory Theory & Practice of Regional Architecture
-2 credits in Architecture History History & Theory of Chinese Architecture
-+ 2 credits in Mandatory Public Courses (include Chinese Language + Chinese Culture program)


2nd Semester (Spring)

-3 credits in Design Studio 3 Topic: City Integrated Design/ Eco Cities
-3 credits in Design Studio 4 Topic: Systems Design/ Green Building
-2 credits in Urban Theory Contemporary Urban Planning in China
-2 credits in Green Building Green and Sustainable Building Methods
-Summer 1 credit in Architecture and City Visiting Study


3rd Semester (Fall)

-6 Credits in Final Thesis Project, of which: 4 credits in the Thesis Project 2 credits in the Thesis Writing
-NB: The Mandatory public courses are not hosted in the School of Architecture, but provided by Tsinghua University’s School of Humanities, and are mandatory for all international students, offering a selection of trainings in Chinese language and learning in Chinese history and culture, making a total of 4 credits.


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Admission Requirements

1. Qualification of Applicants


-Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport.


-Applicants for master’s degree programs should have a bachelor’s degree. Applicants for doctoral programs should have a master’s degree.


-Language skills requirements:


Transcripts of TOEFL(85) or IELTS(6.5)

(for non-native English speaking applicants who don’t have a degree in English-speaking countries).


2. How to Apply


Applicants should complete the Online Application on the website of the THU Graduate Programs Application System ( for International Students during the designated THU application period. Applicants should fill in the application information online, upload the application documents listed below to the Online Application System, and pay the application fee (800RMB) online at the time of submission.


Application Documents


Please upload all the listed documents below to the application system:


-Personal statement.


-Degree certificate. Those who have not graduated yet must provide a proof of education in current academic institution.


-Academic transcript.


-Two online academic recommendation letters from scholars who have the title of associate professor or higher or senior professionals in a related academic field. Please follow system instructions for submission of online recommendation letters.


-Passport personal information page (personal and ordinary passport).


-Portfolio (Need to be uploaded in one PDF file. It could be the school assignment, competition work or internship projects. This will help the Committee to evaluate your qualification.)Resume


-Application Remarks


-Applicants are required to submit scanned images of all required documents at the time of application. All uploaded documents should be in Chinese or in English; otherwise notarial translations in Chinese or English are required. Once translated, the original documents and certified translations are to be submitted together to the application system.


-Please scan the original or notarial application documents in color using a scanner. Documents images captured by mobile phone or camera are not acceptable. Copies are also not acceptable.


-Application fee must be paid at time of application submission. THU is not responsible for errors made by applicants during the application process. There are no application-fee refunds.


-Applications with incomplete documents or without application fee payment will not be processed.


-THU may request some applicants to offer original or notarial hardcopies of application documents for further qualification check if uploaded documents are not sufficient. Applicants shall guarantee all the information and application documents submitted in this application are authentic and accurate; otherwise, the admission will be disqualified.


-None of the above application documents will be returned.


3. Evaluation and Admission


Admission to the graduate program is determined at the school level with oversight by Tsinghua University according to the result of document review and other factors. Certificate of Admission will be issued by THU Graduate Admission Office after the final admission result is released. Prior to this, applicants may check admission status via the THU GraduatePrograms Application System for International Students.


4. Scholarship


Applicants are encouraged to apply for Chinese Government Scholarship/Tuition Scholarships.


5. Accommodation


Due to limited dormitory capacity, on-campus rooms can only be reserved for those who have successfully applied online.


Detailed information regarding THU academic life, accommodation, student activities, visa, and residence permit application, as well as other useful information, is available at


6. Visa Application and Registration


Admitted students should bring their personal and ordinary passport, Certificate of Admission, Visa Application Form (JW202/JW201), and original Form of Physical Examination Record for Foreigners as well as other original documents of physical examination to the Embassy or Consulate of the People’s Republic of China, and apply for a student visa (X1 visa). Students who intend to live in an on-campus dormitory shall apply for the room on line during the dates specified in the university instructions. Students shall come to THU for registration during the dates indicated by the Admission package with the required documents. Normally, registration is held in late August. Students must enter Mainland China with an ordinary passport and X1 visa; and must apply for a Residence Permit within 30 days after arrival in China.


All students should present the necessary original or notarial degree certificate upon registration at Tsinghua University for enrollment qualification review. Students who are failed enrollment qualification review will be disqualified from enrollment.

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General information
24 months
Li Xiaodong
120,800.00 RMB Yuan
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+10-62785693 / +86-10-62781380
School of Achitecture, Tsinghua University, Haidian District, Beijing, China. 100084
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