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Master of Urbanism, Landscape and Planning in University of Leuven

University of Leuven
Department of Architecture
Architecture & Design

The Master of Urbanism, Landscape and Planning (MaULP) is a four-semester academic program, focusing on multi-faceted and -scalar issues of contemporary urban development. The programme serves a small group of select international candidates with advanced design skills or an equivalent background related to urbanism and/or planning.


Cities and settlements are under extreme pressure. Social and environmental inequity is sharply on the rise. Urbanism, spatial planning and intervention in landscape systems are in urgent need of renewed approaches. New strategies must be developed to not only tackle social exclusion, unequal distribution of resources and spatial contradictions, but also be inspired by the multiple and (trans)cultural expressions of worldwide urbanisms.


The programme develops a critical understanding of the contemporary conditions of settlements, cities and urban regions. It introduces students to innovative concepts and strategies for qualitative interventions in urban territories through projects, plans and policies across different scales. It offers three possible specializations: urbanism, planning or landscape.

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Admission Requirements

Application files must be submitted via the online tool:


The programme is addressed to international graduates, young professionals, designers, and researchers who wish to link research and design expertise in the context of the extended urbanisation of territories.


Admission decisions are based upon evaluation of a complete application file.


Master in de Architectuur (obtained outside the Flemish Community)
Master of Architecture (obtained outside the Flemish Community)
Master of Human Settlements (obtained outside the Flemish Community)
Master of Engineering: architecture
Master of Landscape Architecture
Master of Spatial Planning
Master of Urban Planning / Design


Applicants should fulfill the following formal requirements:

– Be a graduate (with minimum 5 years of university education) in Architecture, Architectural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Urban or Physical Planning with a good academic record (normal level of 70 %, of GPA 2.8/3.0, second class upper). The relevance of the academic record will be compared for each university and/or country of origin.

– Have a good command of English, certified by a score on al language test (e.g. TOEFL/IELTS) indicating a C-1 level on the Common European Framework of the Council of Europe ( Further information about language requirements is available on our web pages at

– Submit a letter of motivation and a portfolio which clearly demonstrate their sound professional intentions and relevant experience.

– Applicants with some years of relevant professional experience will be preferred.


Admission is given by the programme director.


Deadline for non-EEA students is 1st of March. Deadline for EEA students is 1st of June.


The entire curriculum can be found on our website:


The MaULP programmes is supported by a number of partners across the globe.


Every year, partner co-production reinforces the unique and distinctive trait of the programmes, namely that of an integrated approach to urban development that finds its best expression in the design studio where real-world problems are tackled. These intensive and shared design experiences are jointly organized on site as a way to balance fundamental and applied knowledge and scientific distance and engagement within a research-oriented approach. In addition, the programmes have developed a number of synergies with the associated research groups of the program (OSA, P&D and L/A/P) and their post-doc and PhD students.

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General information
24 months
Prof. Dr. Kelly Shannon
6600 EUR
Kasteelpark Arenberg 1 - 3001 Heverlee
Type of Master
Master of Sciences (MS / MSc) or equivalent
Campus Location
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