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Master’s Degree in Biodigital Architecture in UIC Barcelona

UIC Barcelona
UIC Barcelona School of Architecture
Architecture & Design

Discover Biodigital Architecture
We offer you the chance to take part in the first architecture programme that explores the subject from a biological and digital perspective. An avant-garde syllabus and a new, 21st-century concept at your fingertips.

You will have the opportunity to use state-of-the-art technology with new production possibilities. And a whole new world of tools will open up to you, enhancing your professional qualifications and job skills.

Are you ready to see the possibilities awaiting you in the field of biodigital architecture?



Study Program


Introduction to Genetics and Biodigital Architecture (10 ECTS)

Seminars and conferences on:
— Metaphysics and Computation
— Theories of Emergence
— The Fundamentals of Genetics
— The Emergent Character of Life
— Eco Manipulation & Eco Materials
— Genetic vs. Generative
— Digital Tools and Organic Forms
— New Bio & Digital Techniques
— The Work of Antoni Gaudí and Salvador Dalí, source of Biodigital Architecture



Information Systems (10 ECTS)

– Digital Tools and Organic Forms Practical classes to train students in digital tools(e.g. generative software, associative parametric software, scripting, CAD-CAM production and mechanisation tools linked to product development).
– Genetic and Biodigital Architectural Design (30 ECTS)
– Studios and workshops with personalised tutorials in order to carry out the respective projects and research.


Master’s Thesis (10 ECTS)
Final presentation: September.




Why choose Biodigital Architecture?


– Innovative education
– Experiment with genetic-driven software, evolutionary processes, emerging systems and scripting.
– New vision of cybernetic-digital and environmental processes.
– Explore concepts such as bio-learning and morphogenesis.
– International approach and premier academic staff.
– Learn with an international teaching body which has made significant contributions to this new cutting-edge field of biodigital architecture.

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Admission Requirements

How to apply


Register online


Upload the following documents to the student’s portal:
– Photocopy of your passport
– 1 passport-size photo
– Certified* copy of your Diploma**
– Certified* copy of your Academic Transcript
– A signed copy of the UIC Barcelona general conditions (find it attached to the student’s portal)
– A signed copy of the UIC Barcelona data protection form (find it attached to the student’s portal)
– A filled in and signed copy of the grant survey referring to any external grants/financial aid for which you may have applied (find it attached to the student’s portal)
– Motivation letter (in English, include your Skype username in your signature)
– Portfolio (in English and pdf format; content and length up to the student)
– Updated CV (in English)




– Certificate of English language level (minimum B2)
– Recommendation letters
– Other certificates, diplomas or proof of work experience
* Document must have an official stamp from your university

** If you do not yet have your Diploma, please submit the proof of payment of the diploma issuance fees or a document from your university           certifying your expected date of graduation.


Admission criteria

In addition to meeting the legal requirements described in the access routes, the Office of Admissions will highly value:

– Applications that show sufficient prior training
– Transcripts from previous studies
– Transferred credits
– Descriptions of relevant work experience

– Priority will be given to candidates who have completed studies in engineering (preferably industrial engineering) or business management.


Accepted Students

– Reserve a place: Pay the deposit (20% of the total fee) via international transfer
– Tuition fee: Pay the remaining amount (80% of the total fee) via international transfer

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General information
2 semesters
Alberto T. Estévez
€ 9.180
+34 932 541 800
C/ Inmaculada, 22 08017 Barcelona
Type of Master
Master of Sciences (MS / MSc) or equivalent
Campus Location
The information of this Master's Degree was extracted from the Official Website of the program.
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