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A decade ago, the world’s population reached a tipping point where more people now live in cities than in rural areas. As this trend accelerates, it’s vital for societies to engage with all aspects of the production of designed environments. We need to further appreciate how they’re imagined, planned, modelled, drawn, constructed, inhabited, and conserved. We need to address how they allocate, consume, and generate resources. And we need to understand better how they produce communities, cultures, ideologies, and inequalities. Knowledge about designed environments can often be separated into disconnected professions with specialised languages and habits. In contrast, the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape at Newcastle University both addresses our professions and works across and beyond them. Our internationally renowned experts pursue methods ranging across the social sciences, humanities, creative practice, and engineering to achieve the latest insights. We work across Europe and the globe, inspired by our place in the North East of England.


As a member of the UK’s Russell Group of leading research intensive Universities, we engage in research-led education. We want to equip our students not just for their first day in work but to lead in the professions they will retire from. We believe knowledge to be a collective cultural endeavour which is best realised through a dynamic approach to research and education, developed through an ongoing process of research-driven inquiry in which staff and students are both participants. We aim to deeply engage students in their education as critical and creative thinkers, rigorously challenging and empowering them, supporting them to stay ahead of a changing world.

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Adam Sharr
Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 7RU, United Kingdom
+44 (0) 191 208 5831
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