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The Berlage Post-master in Architecture and Urban Design

Technical University of Delft
Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment
BAM Ranking 2019
Delft, South Holland
Architecture & DesignUrban Studies & City Planning

The Berlage Post-master in Architecture and Urban Design focuses intensively on how architects and urban designers practice in a globalized world, concentrating on the complex development of the built environment within different contexts.


Today’s challenges


“To study at the Berlage is not only to learn how to understand the complexities of our contemporary build environment, but also how to operate and innovate within them.”


The practice of architecture is becoming more and more global. The spread of professional skills and new technologies around the world has expanded the market for design services in both developed and developing countries. It is tempting to view architects and urban designers as members of a global, cosmopolitan culture that transcends national boundaries and identities. Drawings, technologies, clients, and even workforces seem to flow easily between continents and cultures.


Explore the forces that shape the built environment


The Berlage provides the intellectual climate as well as material infrastructure to explore the forces that shape the built environment in the contemporary world. Subsequently developing, by means of design, alternative models and new insights to devise a transformative impact on the built environment. Its programmes insist on direct engagement with real-life conditions, as represented by public authorities, cultural institutions, and private entities with whom students, researchers, and other participants directly communicate and debate. This simultaneous commitment to research and reality prompts reflection, speculation, and an understanding of today’s architectural and urban challenges.



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Admission Requirements

General admission requirements


The following is the general information regarding admission and application to the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment’s two post-master programmes, the European Post-Master in Urbanism (EMU) and the Berlage Post-Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design.


a.- Applicants must have distinguished themselves in their respective first professional degrees in architecture, urban design, landscape architecture, spatial planning, town or urban planning, or an allied discipline.


b.- Applicants must submit a motivation essay in English of 2,000-3,000 words, including the applicant’s goals, areas of design and research interests related to study, description of prior academic and professional experience relevant to study, career expectations for undertaking study, and suggestions for possible graduation/thesis topics.


c.- Applicants must submit two letters of reference in English.


d.- Applicants must submit an extensive curriculum vitae.


e.- Applicants must submit proof of identity.


f.- Applicants have:


– a two year master’s degree equivalent to a Dutch MSc degree in a main subject closely related to the post-master’s program; or


– a five-year BSc degree that is equivalent to a two year Dutch MSc degree in a main subject closely related to the post-master’s program;


– or four-year, or longer, university BSc degree with proof of qualification/registration entitling the applicant to practice architecture in home country plus a minimum of two years of work experience.


– Specific for the European post-master in Urbanism (EMU): Applicants from other disciplines might also be admitted to EMU when they have an MSc or MA, and 2 year design experience. This has to be proven in a portfolio and a personal interview. Students might also be asked to go through a prepatory period via TU Delft online education before the start of the programme.


g- Applicants must demonstrate proficiency in written and spoken English (see this site for exact requirements).


h.- Additionally for the European post-master in Urbanism: A cumulative grade point average (CGPA) should be at least 75% of the scale maximum. Send a certified copy of your original academic degree and transcript in the original language (see this site for exact requirements ).


i.- Applicants must submit a portfolio showing representative academic or professional examples of design, planning or research projects or spatial surveys. (after you fill in the on-line application form, we will send you a password to upload your portfolio). See below for exact portfolio requirements and limitations for the EMU European post-master in Urbanism and for the Berlage Post-Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design.


The TU Delft requires all applicants to its post-master’s programmes to meet specific entry degree requirements. Eligibility for recognition and comparison of qualifications is determined via a series of international databases.



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General information
1,5 years full time
Salomon Frausto
27.000 €
+31 015-2782384
Julianalaan 134, 2628 BL Delft
Campus Location
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