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Master’s Programme in Architecture in Aalto University

Aalto University
School of Arts, Design and Architecture
Architecture & Design

Architecture is a field at the intersection of technology and art. Architects should be able to approach problems not only from a technical or artistic perspective but they also should understand the social, cultural, environmental and economic implications of their work. This is the reason for the broad-based nature of the education in architecture. Because of this, the Master’ Programme aims at developing the student’s technical, scientific and artistic thinking with respect to the construction of a socially responsible and sustainable future. After completing the degree programme, students will have:


– the ability to create architectural designs that satisfy both aesthetic and technical requirements.
– knowledge of the history and theories of architecture and related fields of art, technology and human sciences.
– knowledge of urban design and planning and the skills involved in the planning process.
– understanding of the relationships between people and the built environment as well as between the built environment and the natural one.
– understanding of the structural, constructional and engineering problems associated with the design of buildings and the ability to provide buildings with internal conditions of comfort and protection against the climate.

The learning outcomes of the programme are in line with the regulations of the EU directive that applies to pursuing the professional activities of an architect (Directive 2005/36/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the recognition of professional qualifications). Hence, the programme also enables students to:


– understand the methods of investigation and preparation of a brief for a design project.
– meet with their designs the building users’ requirements within the constraints imposed by cost factors and building regulations.
– understand the various regulations and procedures of the industries and organisations involved in translating design concepts into buildings and urban planning.


The programme facilitates students to pursue a career in architecture within Finland but also abroad regardless of whether the goal is to work as an employee in the private or public sector or as an entrepreneur. It also strengthen the student’s competence in co-ordination tasks related to design, thus enabling graduates to work as a head designer of demanding construction projects.

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General information
2 years, full-time
English / Finnish / Swedish
For EU/EEA citizens: Free / For non-EU/EEA citizens: €15,000/year
+358 947001
Otaniementie 14, 02150 Espoo, Finland
Campus Location
The information of this Master's Degree was extracted from the Official Website of the program.
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