BAM Ranking 2021 has been released


It is our pleasure to announce that the BAM Ranking 2021 has been released, thanks to the collaboration of the different Universities that participated in this year’s study and the effort of our highly qualified Committee of Experts, formed by 15 international academic architects from some of the best universities around the world. BAM Ranking’s purpose is to evaluate different postgraduate programs offered by the best schools of architecture around the world in order to determine which of them are the most relevant in terms of academic quality, internationalization, and alumni opportunities.

The study will be done through an objective methodology based on standard indicators for the evaluation of academic performance that was developed and validated by our prestigious experts. For the 2021 edition of the Ranking, 22 postgraduate programs from the top universities around the world were invited to participate in the evaluation, and their information it’s been rated by our experts in order to determine their educational performance.

Professors like Ziad Jamaleddine (Columbia University), Nelson Mota (Delft University of Technology), or Dietmar Eberle (ETH Zurich), have been invited to participate as part of the Experts’ Committee, and together with the rest of the team, they keep improving the methodology of BAM Ranking in order to have a more objective and accurate evaluation. Click here to learn more about the BAM Experts.

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CLICK HERE to check the 2021 edition of the BAM Ranking.






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