Francis Kéré wins the 2024 Crystal Prize by the World Economic Forum


Renowned architect Francis Kéré has been announced as the recipient of the prestigious 2024 Crystal Prize by the World Economic Forum (WEF). The announcement underscores Kéré’s exceptional contributions to architecture and his commitment to addressing global challenges.

Hailing from Burkina Faso, Kéré is celebrated for his innovative designs and dedication to sustainable and community-centric architecture. The Crystal Prize acknowledges his outstanding ability to fuse artistic vision with pragmatic solutions, bringing about positive change in communities worldwide.

In the words of the World Economic Forum: «Kéré receives the 2024 Crystal Award for his exemplary leadership in providing the Gando community with the means to create a socially, economically and ecologically sustainable future through projects that focus on education, health and the environment.»

Kéré gained international acclaim for projects like the Gando Primary School in Burkina Faso, a sustainable marvel constructed using locally-sourced materials. The school stands as a testament to Kéré’s philosophy of creating environmentally conscious and culturally sensitive structures.

In addition to Kéré, there were other two winers of the Crystal Awards 2024. They are Michelle Yeoh, an ambassador for the United Nations Development Program, and Nile Rodgers, actor and composer, winner of both Oscar and Grammy.

Kéré’s win resonates as an inspiration to architects and creatives worldwide, emphasizing the transformative potential of purpose-driven design. As the world grapples with pressing challenges, the 2024 Crystal Prize awarded to Francis Kéré recognizes the instrumental role architects play in shaping a sustainable and inclusive future.

Read the official announcement by the World Economic Forum here

You also can watch the intervention of Kéré at the 2024 WEF annual meeting here.

The BAM Team congratulates Architect Francis Kéré for this wonderful award and we look forward to see what´s coming in his brilliant career as a great social architect.

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