Grafton Architects and Lacol are the winners of the EU Mies award 2022


The Irish firm Grafton Architects was announced as the winner of the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture 2022 (Eu Mies van der Rohe Award) for their project Town House at Kingston University, in London. The office Lacol, in Barcelona, was announced as the Emerging Architecture Winner for La Borda Cooperative Housing.

Grafton Architects has offices in Dublin and it is led by architects Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara, who started the firm in 1978.

«It is rewarded for its remarkable environmental quality that creates an excellent atmosphere for studying, gathering, dancing and being together. The building creates an emotional experience from within and through the multi-level façade colonnade that creates a domestic atmosphere on different levels», said the jury about The Town House at Kingston University by Grafton Architects.

In the other hand, Lacol’s offices are located in Barcelona, and they are formed by architects Arnau Andrés, Eliseu Arrufat, Ari Artigas, Carlos Baiges, Lali Daví, Cristina Gamboa, Ernest Garriga, Mirko Gegundez, Laura Lluch, Lucas Hernández, Pol Massoni, Jordi Miró, and Anna Clemente.

About the project La Borda, the jury said: «The model goes beyond the specific project of cooperative housing: the studio is also run as a cooperative where fourteen professionals with different expertise offer a role model and an active tool for promoting political and urban change from within the system, based on social, ecological and economic sustainability.»

The jury of the EU Mies Award 2022 was formed by the following professionals:

-Tatiana Bilbao

-Francesca Ferguson

-Mia Hägg

-Triin Ojari

-Georg Pendl

-Spiros Pengas

-Marcel Smets

Here you can find the official announcement of the EU Mies Award 2022.

Town House, London. ©Dennis Gilbert
La Borda Cooperative Housing in Barcelona. ©Lluc Miralles

We congratulate Grafton Architects and Lacol for this wonderful news. All the images used in this article are courtesy of the EU Mies Award website.

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