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Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey, USA
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Princeton University
School of Architecture
Princeton, New Jersey, USA
Princeton University School of Architecture S-110 Architecture Building. Princeton, NJ 08544
BAM 2023
#8 / 19
24 months full time
120,820 USD

The Post-Professional Graduate Program is available to those who hold the degree of Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) or its equivalent from an international institution. These are students who have successfully completed a professional program in architecture and have fulfilled the educational requirements for professional licensing in the state or country in which the degree was granted. Students typically complete this program in two years. This degree is not accredited by the NAAB.



Students complete the Post-Professional Graduate Program in two years and take a minimum of 14 courses. This degree is not accredited by the NAAB.

PREREQUISITES (not required for admission but should be completed before matriculation)

-One year of college level math
-One year of college level physics
-One year of architecture and art history course work



Design Studios and Seminars

Two studios (ARC 503, 504, 505A-C and/or 506A-C)
ARC 507, 508 (year-long thesis)

ARC 531

Thesis Prep
ARC 532

Eight (8) courses



The Post-Professional Graduate Program culminates in a thesis in which design itself is considered a form of research. In lieu of a studio presentation, students exhibit their work at a gallery in New York City during their final semester. Utilizing Princeton’s unique interdisciplinary potential as a research university, students are free to seek advisors from within and outside the faculty of architecture. This tradition draws on architecture’s history that has, since the Renaissance, incorporated a vast spectrum of disciplines from the humanities, arts, and sciences.



Depending on the student’s prior education or experience, exemption from certain courses may be obtained, on an individual basis, by application to the DGS. Such exemptions, when granted, are recorded in the student’s file. Exemptions from particular courses do not reduce the number of courses required in each of the designated areas of study but allow for more flexibility within the area of distribution.

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Admission Requirements


Students who hold the degree of Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) or its equivalent from an international institution are eligible for admission to the Post-Professional Master of Architecture Program. These are students who have successfully completed a professional program in architecture and have fulfilled the educational requirements for professional licensing in the state or country in which the degree was granted.



A portfolio of design work is required of all master’s applicants. The portfolio, along with the other application materials, will be reviewed by the Admission Committee, which determines the applicant’s qualification for admission and the most suitable program. Applicants should prepare the portfolio carefully to best illustrate their individual potential as a designer. It should be bound into a brochure no larger than 8 1/2 by 11 inches (overall size). An electronic version must also be uploaded with your application.

The first page of the portfolio should include a brief statement (less than 500 words) explaining why the student specifically wants to attend Princeton University to earn his/her professional degree.

The Admission Committee is interested in the quality of the work submitted in the portfolio, so applicants are advised not to lavish energy and expense on special or unusual packaging that is likely to be damaged in handling. Applicants are asked to not submit slides, loose sheets, or original drawings. It is the normal procedure of the School of Architecture to retain the portfolio of those students who are offered admission to the School. The portfolios become permanent additions to the University archive.



1.-Eligibility for Admission

To be eligible for admission to the Graduate School applicants must, before they are enrolled, hold a bachelor’s degree or its foreign equivalent from an accredited college or university. (Foreign equivalents may in some cases have a normal program length that is shorter or longer than four years. No degree that has a normal program length shorter than three years will be considered equivalent to a bachelor’s degree.)

The applicant may submit one application per year only. This one application can be to one department, program, or combined program.

The Graduate School will not offer admission to an applicant seeking a second Ph.D. in the same or similar field of study.

Princeton University does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, national or ethnic origin, disability, or veteran status in any phase of its admission or financial aid programs, or other aspects of its educational programs or activities.



The Graduate School at Princeton University encourages interested individuals to explore our fields of study to find the field that best fits the applicant’s academic and professional goals. More detailed information, including faculty listings, can typically be found on individual department and program websites accessible through our webpage.



Graduate admission decisions at Princeton University are made by faculty in the applicant’s proposed field of study. The Graduate School coordinates the admission process and establishes minimum requirements for admission, application deadlines and additional requirements vary by department and degree program.

Here are some helpful tips applicants should consider:

– Before submitting the application, please be sure to read carefully the description of the degree program and requirements of the department. Applicants are also encouraged to review the file upload requirements to ensure successful application submission.

– Review appropriate deadlines and fees as departments and programs have varied application deadline dates. Please note that no late applications will be accepted and there are no refunds for submitted application fees.

– Be sure the statement of academic purpose outlines goals for graduate study.

– Finalize resume/curriculum vitae.

– Gather email addresses and full names of three recommenders prior to submitting the application online. Letters of recommendation will be submitted using our electronic recommendation service.

– Arrange to have prerequisite test scores sent to Princeton. All applicants whose native language is not English and who have not received their undergraduate education in a country where the native language is English must submit scores from one of two internationally recognized assessments of English language proficiency, the Test of English as a Foreign Language(link is external) (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System(link is external) (IELTS).

– Request transcripts. The Graduate School recognizes the significant disruption caused by COVID-19 and will take that into account for transcripts from spring 2020. While a final transcript submitted by an applicant who is offered admission must still in all cases indicate that an undergraduate degree or its international equivalent has been awarded prior to enrolling at the Graduate School, we appreciate that many applicants currently enrolled in degree programs will pursue pass/fail or other non-standard grading options during this extraordinary time.


4.- Apply

Applicants can apply from September through December for admission commencing in the fall term of the following academic year. We do not accept late applications. There is no spring admission, and graduate study at Princeton is offered on a full-time basis.

Applicants can apply only to one academic department for one degree per year. The application fee is nonrefundable. The Graduate School will not offer admission to an applicant seeking a second Ph.D. in the same or similar field of study.

Princeton guarantees full tuition, fees, and a stipend for its regularly enrolled, degree-seeking Ph.D. candidates for all years of regular program enrollment, contingent upon satisfactory academic performance. Master’s applicants are required to submit the Statement of Financial Resources, as part of the application, and will be considered for any funding that is available.

To apply to Princeton University’s Graduate School, please submit an application. Our application process is fully electronic.

The (link is external)University GDPR Privacy Notice(link is external) is available on the University Registrar’s site.


5.-View Checklist

After the application is submitted, the applicant will be able to view the application checklist and manage recommenders.

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41,50 pts
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64,34 pts
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81,37 pts
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