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The School of Architecture, with more than 50 years, is the fourth oldest in Spain. Its experience and prestige, together with the quest for excellence and innovation that characterise the University, mean that every year it is at the top of the university education rankings.


From the outset, School of Architecture has been characterised by its aim to provide a solid academic education, based on research and the practical orientation of its teaching. Thus, the concern professor, the interest in training good teachers and the individual monitoring of students to help them effectively stand out from the outset as priority objectives of the centre.


University of Navarra is a private research university. Its mission is to seek and convey the truth, contribute to the academic, cultural, and personal growth of its students, provide appropriate development opportunities to its faculty and staff, and broadly cultural extension work and social development, with a clear purpose of service. The University of Navarra was created in 1952.

It has more than 11,000 students in undergraduate, master and doctoral degrees in its 6 campuses: Pamplona, San Sebastian, Barcelona, Madrid, New York and Munich.


More than 60 years later, University of Navarra has an alumni community of 150.000+ living and working all around the world. Since 2003, the Alumni Scholarship Program has awarded more than 600 students totaling 9.107.000 €; thanks to the generosity of alumni, foundations, companies, and institutions.


University of Navarra also has a hospital medical center characterized by a high degree of medical specialization, constant technological renewal and teamwork. It is a private non-profit hospital that makes constant efforts to promote research in close collaboration with other centers of the University of Navarra and the Center for Applied Medical Research (CIMA).


One of the latest projects at University of Navarra is its Museum of Contemporary Art with the goals of preserve, exhibit, research, and publish original works of art to boost the academic goals of University of Navarra and to enrich the cultural lives of the city of Pamplona, the region of Navarra, and society in general.

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Miguel A. Alonso del Val
Campus Universitario. 31009 Pamplona. Navarra
+34 948 42 56 27
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