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At the University of Dundee, you can study your course in the UK’s UNESCO City of Design.


In our studio, you’ll be encouraged to work, in a hands-on way, developing and testing your ideas through manual and digital drawings, models and prototypes.


Our studio space is designed to encourage dialogue and collaboration between students of different tutorial and year groups. It is a vibrant and creative environment where you will spend the majority of your time engaged in self-directed study, sketching, drawing, and model making or being taught in one to one or group tutorials.


In the architecture studio, a typical tutor group will be comprised of 12–14 students with a dedicated studio workspace, a high provision of desk space, model storage, and fresh gallery-like walls for pinning up work. The studio facilitates the act of ‘creating’ and it’s not unusual to find students discussing their designs with tutors, working in groups, or working on their own building models, casting plaster, drawing by hand, painting, or reading.


There is a strong emphasis on problem based learning in the design of buildings and places. Accordingly, we will present you with a well-considered range of topics and the studio is often described as the testing ground for ideas, a social hub which will enable you to discuss your emerging projects, to collaborate, and to learn.

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7th Floor, Matthew Building, 13 Perth Rd, Dundee DD1 4HT, Reino Unido
+44 (0) 138 238 5315
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