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Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa) is the largest and most prestigious university in Portugal and is one of Europe’s leading universities. Heir to a university tradition that spans over seven centuries, ULisboa acquired its current status in July 2013, following the merger of the former Universidade Técnica de Lisboa and Universidade de Lisboa.


ULisboa brings together various areas of knowledge and has a privileged position for facilitating the contemporary evolution of science, technology, arts and humanities. The quality of teaching, research, innovation and culture of ULisboa is attracting an ever increasing amount of talent from around the world.




The Lisbon School of Architecture – or the «school», as its members like to call it – is now one of the 18 faculties and institutes that make up the University of Lisbon (ULisboa), which resulted from the merger between the University of Lisbon and the Technical University of Lisbon, in 2013. Despite its recent history, FA.ULisboa had its remote origins in the 16th century.


FA.ULisboa offers courses leading to degrees in the three cycles of higher education (bachelor, master and doctorate) in the scientific areas of Architecture, Urbanism and Design. In addition, it offers courses that do not lead to a degree (advanced studies and continuous training) but provide complementary training to professionals who wish to acquire more in-depth knowledge.


This broad training offer makes FA.ULisboa the most diversified school in the country in its areas, with around 3 thousand students. It has a more significant number of foreign students from Europe, but also from countries of other continents with which it has exchange agreements.


Its main feature is training through design, whereby the knowledge acquired in all disciplines is applied to design objects that can range from the scale of the hand to the scale of the territory. Despite this framework, the objective of the FA.ULisboa is to train a broader range of professionals, such as consultants, researchers and public sector workers, in areas related to the built environment, culture and industry.


Today, FA.ULisboa is committed to training professionals capable of working with Portuguese society, helping to increase its potential for innovation, competitiveness and exports. For this reason, it favours the development of projects, scientific dissertations and internships in collaboration with public and private entities to encourage entrepreneurship and open up future opportunities for students.


Training in the 3rd cycle is aimed at advanced research in the three disciplinary areas of FA.ULisboa, being framed by the Center for Research in Architecture, Urbanism and Design (CIAUD).


As a modern school that tries to combine tradition and innovation, FA.ULisboa is a reference institution in the professional training of architects, urban planners and designers, as well as in producing socially recognized specialized and interdisciplinary research.

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Rua Sá Nogueira, 1349-063 Lisboa
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