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MAS ETH in Housing in ETH of Zurich

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH of Zurich
Department of Architecture
Housing & Habitat

The MAS focuses on the assessment of housing challenges and on the affordability, effectiveness and sustainability of a wide range of housing and neighbourhood development strategies pursued by municipalities, cooperatives, local governments, non-​governmental and governmental authorities and international organisations in different countries and contexts.


The program aims at contributing to finding solutions to the challenges of housing construction in Switzerland, Europe and low and middle-​income countries worldwide through high-​level multidisciplinary training and research.


The MAS ETH in Housing accepts 10-​12 qualified candidates each year. It is primarily, but not exclusively, aimed at professionals with a background in architecture, urban planning or town planning, but is also open to applicants from other disciplines with an interest in housing.


Our target groups

The MAS ETH in Housing is targeted at professionals of the built environment including architects, planners, and civil engineers, and related disciplines. It is
aimed at candidates that want to develop a professional career, in their own country or internationally, and acquire skills in participatory planning and research methods. In Switzerland and Europe such skills are increasingly demanded by neighbourhood and city planning agencies, housing cooperatives, civil society organisations, and by organisations working with socially disadvantaged groups, such as lowincome households, elderly people, migrants, and refugees. At the global level the MAS ETH in Housing prepares participants to work in domains of informal settlements, urban upgrading, housing for displaced people, and postdisaster reconstruction.

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General information
12 months (full-time) / 24 months (part-time)
Jennifer Duyne Barenstein
10.500 CHF
+41 44 633 31 94
Stefano- Franscini-Platz 5, 8049 Zürich, Switzerland
Type of Master
Master of Advanced Studies (MAS)
Campus Location
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