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Master of Advanced Architectural Design in Berkeley University of California

Berkeley University of California
College of Environmental Design
Berkeley, California
United States
Architecture & Design

MAAD is a one-year post-professional design studio intended for those who have a professional (accredited Bachelor of Architecture or Master of Architecture) degree, and who wish to continue to explore current design issues in a stimulating, rigorous, and experimental studio setting. As of the 2020-2021, students who complete the program will receive a non-accredited Master of Advanced Architectural Design degree.


The year-long studio is at the core of the program, integrated with seminars and lectures in design theory, history, digital applications, and building technology. Students also have the opportunity to enroll in other elective classes in the College of Environmental Design. The studio director is joined by a team of several other faculty from the department and the college.


Students who complete the program will receive a Master of Advanced Architectural Design (MAAD) Degree beginning with the Class of 2020-2021. The MAAD Degree is not accredited by the National Architectural Accreditation Board (NAAB). The degree nomenclature is changed to distinguish it from the Accredited M.Arch Degree that is used by NAAB only for two-year or three-year architecture programs.



Note: There is also the possibility to apply for the one-year program as an independent design scholar. These proposals require a high level of focus, and should be addressed to specific faculty interests. Please make note in your application if you would like to be considered for admission as an independent design scholar.


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General information
12 months
+1 (510) 642 7405 / +1 (510) 642 0831
230 Wurster Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720, USA
Type of Master
Master of Advanced Studies
Campus Location
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