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Master of Science in Architecture (MSc ETH Arch) in ETH of Zurich

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH of Zurich
Department of Architecture
Architecture & Design

The Master’s degree programme in Architecture lasts two years and should be supplemented with an additional six-​month internship period. A total of 120 credit points must be obtained.

Entry into the programme is only possible in the fall (exception: students of the Bachelor’s degree programme at ETH Zurich).

The language of the study programme is German. Classes and examinations take place in German or English.

The successful completion of the course of study results in award of a Master of Science ETH in Architecture (MSc ETH Arch).


Structure of studies

Master education

The aim of the Master’s degree programme is to expand the knowledge acquired in the Bachelor’s degree programme, and to foster an increasingly independent, individual approach to working, the development of integrative thought and creative faculties, and the handling of larger-​scale architectural assignments.

The Master’s degree programme concludes with the master’s thesis. The students choose a given topic in the fields of constructive design, architectural or urban design. In consultation with a professor, qualified students are given the opportunity of pursuing a self-​selected topic.

The master’s degree requires another six-​months of additional professional experience (internship) in the field of architecture.

120 credit points must be completed.


Curriculum (Study plan)

The illustrated graphic shows the individual subjects and the time range of the study programme.


Core courses: it is mandatory to achieve a min. of 4 ECTS in each institute.


The fourth semester is reserved for the Master’s thesis; all other performance assessments must be completed prior to the thesis.



If you have questions about applying to the programme (formal admission prerequisites, application process) please contact the Admissions Office.

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Admission Requirements

Application Master

Depending on your educational background, there are different requirements for your application to our Master’s degree programmes. The basis for admission is always your undegraduate degree, even if you already hold an advanced degree.



ETH Zurich ranks as one of the top international universities in the technical and scientific disciplines. Admission to its Master’s degree programmes is highly selective. We are looking for applications from excellent Bachelor graduates from universities comparable to ETH Zurich that meet the degree-specific requirement profiles.

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General information
30 months
German / English
Not Confirmed
+41 446321111
Stefano- Franscini-Platz 5, 8049 Zürich, Suiza
Type of Master
Master of Sciences (MSc) Accredited
Campus Location
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