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Master Real Estate Development + Design (MRED+D)

Berkeley University of California
College of Environmental Design
Berkeley, California
United States
Governance, Management & Economics

The development of urban real estate is one of the most powerful forces shaping our buildings, cities, and metropolitan regions. From finance to design, the choices we make about what to build, where to build, and how to build influence urban sustainability, equity, and resilience – today and for years to come.


Our rapidly urbanizing world faces major challenges, ranging from climate change to social inequality. We need real estate professionals who have a deep knowledge of how development can bring positive benefits to society and the environment, and who understand the power of design to make cities efficient, livable, distinctive, and valued.



Our Master of Real Estate Development + Design (MRED+D) is a full time on-campus 11 month interdisciplinary degree. The program kicks off each summer in June where students complete a summer intensive before continuing to the fall and spring semester.


Our MRED+D incorporates finance and innovative design to prepare real estate development professionals to build sustainable, equitable, and prosperous cities. Our curriculum covers the fundamentals of real estate markets, finance, urban economics, property and land use law, project feasibility analysis, and the details of the urban development process. But we include ‘design’ in the degree’s name for a reason. The MRED+D program goes beyond tradition, to link real estate to the world of design based on two convictions. One is that successful real estate development requires excellence in urban design, planning, and sustainability. The other is that design thinking – the iterative process of problem finding, prototyping solutions, and iterative critique – is fundamental to producing the most valued and valuable real estate projects.



The UC Berkeley MRED+D Program is housed in the College of Environmental Design (CED). The college is an interdisciplinary hub of undergraduate, professional, and doctoral programs focused on the built environment, creating powerful synergies and opportunities for collaboration. Under one roof, students are exposed to a wide range of ideas from adjacent fields, and work on teams with planners and designers – excellent preparation for the real world of real estate development, where team work is the norm.


The college is located in Wurster Hall, which houses the MRED+D program’s classrooms, seminar rooms, and studios, and administrative offices and the Office of Career Services. In addition, Wurster Hall offers a beautiful library, computer labs, gallery, and lively café.



The MRED+D program at UC Berkeley is a summer start degree, starting in mid-June. Students complete a pre-program «bootcamp week» and pre-fall «mini bootcamp» workshops plus take a total of 30 units of core courses and at least 3 units of electives* to meet a minimum of 33 units spread out over the summer, fall, and spring semesters.


*Students are required to complete a minimum of 3 units of electives but may take up to 11 units of electives (no additional charge), allowing students to customize their program.



-RDEV 200: Sustainable Building Systems + Construction (2)
-RDEV 205: Equitable + Inclusive Development (1)
-RDEV 209: Integrated Development, Architecture + Urbanism (3)
-RDEV 210: Real Estate Economics + Market Analysis (3)
-RDEV 220: Real Estate Development Finance (3)
-RDEV 225: Advanced Real Estate Finance (2)
-RDEV 230: Public-Private Partnerships, Strategies + Tools (2)
-RDEV 240: Professional Practice of Real Estate Development (3)
-RDEV 250: Land Development Law + Regulations (3)
-RDEV 270: Development + Design Studio (5)
-RDEV 277: Resilience + Urban Development (3)
-RDEV 280: Capstone Project (2)
-RDEV 290: Preparing for Practice (1)

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General information
11 months
78,500 USD
+1 (510) 664-5204
230 Wurster Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720, USA
Campus Location
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