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The Department of Architecture and the Built Environment is a broad-based intellectual community committed to an inter-disciplinary approach to the creation and management of sustainable buildings, whether they are in urban or rural environments, residential or commercial, new or refurbished.


Sustainability and the environment are common themes across all of our courses, and research in these subjects underpins all our teaching. We know how important it is that the places, spaces, buildings and communities of the future are designed with sustainability in mind.


Design, construction and development must also be organised and managed in a professional environment. Work has to be planned to ensure it is on time, within budget and to quality targets. And during occupation, built assets need to be refurbished, maintained, conserved and adapted to maximise their value for users and owners.


We’re concerned with all these aspects and ensure our courses offer the necessary knowledge and skills you need to succeed in this field.


Whether you are changing career, continuing your studies or boosting your current job prospects, we look forward to welcoming you to our student community soon.

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Elena Marco
Coldharbour Lane Bristol BS16 1QY United Kingdom
+44 (0)117 965 6261
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