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The Faculty of Architecture and Planning: two fundamental academic subjects under the umbrella of one faculty, which takes different perspectives and differentiated key focuses to deal with the questions and challenges of the development and design of our environment. It’s a structure that distinguishes us from many other architectural or planning faculties and, in view of the resulting areas of intersection, yields an international and genuinely outstanding profile.


With currently 7,400 enrolled students (respectively 4,400 involved in examinations) and around 250 staff in the scientific branch alone, the Faculty of Architecture and Planning is the largest of eight faculties at the Technische Universität Wien and one of the largest architecture and planning faculties in Europe. Alone in the past academic year, 990 candidates enrolled for the Bachelor Degree of Architecture, and around 250 for that of Planning.


The Faculty is structured into five institutes and the Department of Planning, which itself is subdivided into a total of 26 research-oriented and thematically focused departments and subjects. Interdisciplinary services are rendered by the Computer Laboratory of the Faculty of Architecture and Planning. In addition there is the future.lab, designed to support the researching, teaching and studying members in their work on experimental, specialist and interdisciplinary topics relating to the future of architecture, the urban environment, and society. Other notable elements on the curriculum are the interdisciplinary subjects Urban Culture and the Public Space, Urban Studies and the Spatial Simulation and Modelling, in which diverse activities relating to research-based and interdisciplinary studies find their referential environment. The following chart provides an overview of the differentiated Faculty structure.

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Rudolf Scheuvens
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